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WEST & Company CPAs PC has extensive experience in audits (internal & external) of and consultation for educational institutions such as public school districts, BOCES and community colleges. Our audit partners have been repeat speakers for the New York State Association of School Business Officials (NYSASBO) and are members of the NYS Public School Accounting Committee and our audit staff are all required to keep up to date with the new pronouncements and regulations impacting this complex industry.
Our services include:
Financial Statement Audit & Preparation
Compliance and Yellow-Book Audits
Agreed-Upon Procedures
Presentations to the Board of Education
Internal Audit Risk Assessment and Testing


We value the commitment you hold to your non-profit organization and are here to provide that same level of commitment to you. The non-profit industry can be complex as you try to deliver the most to your clientele while remaining in compliance with strict regulations and reporting requirements. Our non-profit specialists have extensive experience in a broad range of not-for-profit activities and are here for any advisory and preparation services you may need including, but not limited to:
Financial statement audit
A-133 single audits
Yellow-Book and specialty audits
IRS Form 990 preparation and consultation relating to governance matters.


WEST & Company CPAs PC understands that restaurants and hospitality organizations deal with high employee turnover, fickle consumer environments, rising costs and a strong demand for lower prices. It is a difficult industry to succeed in which is why you need an accounting firm that is ready to tackle the daily challenges with you. We are here ready to provide you with:
Book-keeping services
Payroll services
Cost analysis
Tax and financial advisory services
Specialty services

Local Governments

The public sector is subject to intense scrutiny and regulation while, in many cases, encountering increasingly restrictive budgets. WEST & Company CPAs PC has extensive experience with cities, towns, counties, villages and other municipalities and is here to help your organization. We understand the difficulties intrinsic to maintaining fiscal accountability and revenue optimization without negatively affecting the public whom your governmental organizations serve. Our knowledgeable staff is prepared to assist you in meeting these needs and challenges and we make sure our firm is up to date with the changes and pronouncements in this industry. We offer external & internal audits, A-133 single audits, special reports, best-practice advisory services and other specialized services.


The automotive industry is a fast-paced, competitive, consumer-driven environment. Your company needs an accounting firm that understands this and can work with you in a timely and effective matter to deliver the information you need to keep your competitors at bay. Whether you are a dealership or a repair/body shop WEST & Company CPAs PC has the experience and expertise to help grow and maintain your business. By monitoring industry trends and new regulations we keep our firm current and are available to help you do the same. Our firm provides:
Advisory services
Tax preparation
Other attest engagements


Retail is a fast-paced and demanding industry that requires a large time-commitment from you in order to keep up with the multitude of competitors out there - so let us worry about behind-the-scene details like payroll processing, tax deadlines and bank reconciliations. WEST & Company is here to help your business run smoother so that you can focus on the things in-store on online that demand your attention. We offer book-keeping and tax preparation services that we will tailor to your individual company's needs and we have extensive experience working with specialty stores and other retailers.


WEST & Company has niche expertise in the banking industry serving as independent auditors and advisors. Our professional staff will keep you apprised of current issues for banking institutions and new accounting standards that will impact you. We work with all executive levels within the industry assessing your individual institution’s needs in order for our professionals to provide the highest level of service and value that is most meaningful to your situation.


WEST & Company is here to serve emerging and established technology companies and we serve a large range of technology clients from medical app development to IT support. The technology industry is ever growing and changing and it requires an accounting firm that can keep up with such a volatile and exciting field. Through our consultation and preparation services together we can help guide you towards a positive impact on your bottom line.


At West & Company CPAs PC we understand that construction is a complex and highly-regulated industry and as such you need a CPA firm that truly understands its rules to safely and efficiently navigate its intricacies. Construction companies are impacted by changing rules, state-imposed legislation and bonding requirements any of which may negatively affect your company. Our firm has years of specialized experience helping construction companies deal with these everyday complexities. We are prepared to help you by:
Preparing financial reports
Analyzing your information
Providing consulting and advisory services
Submitting tax reports and many more individually tailored services.

Manufacturing & Distribution

We understand the unique demands that manufacturers and distributors face every day. Our clients in manufacturing and distribution know us by our depth of expertise. We provide a full range of services, including: Assistance in finance issues Optimization of business processes Production Management Performance management Product cost analysis to maximize profit Inventory management and controls Cost segregation studies with specialist Enterprise zone credits with specialist Optimization of state and local taxation We have wide experience providing services for equipment and machinery, consumer products, home building products, durable goods, distribution, and wholesale sourcing companies in all industries. You can count on us to know your business and have the best tools to serve it for future growth.

Real Estate

While the real-estate market is recovering many challenges still exist and WEST & Company CPAs PC is here to help real-estate professionals manage those difficulties. Let us help alleviate your economic market concerns by minimizing taxes, optimizing credits, providing cash-flow management and analysis and a wide range of other specialized services tailored for your business.
Our existing clients in the real-estate industry include:
Commercial & Residential Developers
Retail Centers
Real-Estate Agents & Brokers
Industrial Complexes



Marco Zumbolo - Business Administrator & CIO
Lesley Lanzi - Executive Director of the Foundation of FMCC
Lynn Knowlton - Chief Financial Officer
Fred Olbrych - Owner
Hamdi Ulukaya - Sole Director

Broadalbin-Perth CSD

At Broadalbin-Perth CSD, we have been working with WEST CPAs since the 2008-2009 school year for independent audit services. Annual audits are a stressful time for school business offices, but the professionalism and courtesy of the WEST staff of accountants go a long way toward reducing these stresses. The WEST accountants are accurate and thorough, and they take the time to make sure that each school business office staff member fully understands the process and what is expected of them. They consistently go well above and beyond what is required of them to ensure that school district officials and Boards of Education have a firm handle on the district’s fiscal condition.

Marco Zumbolo - Business Administrator & CIO

Fulton-Montgomery Community College

The Fulton-Montgomery Community College Foundation just completed their second annual audit with West and Company CPA's. The Foundation has a three year contract with West and are very pleased with their professionalism, knowledge and insight. I have worked for not for profits for over 20 years and have had audits by numerous other companies and must say that working with West has been the best! They spend time before explaining the processes and expected time line. They are thorough and lay all the groundwork so there are no surprises. West works with the Board and staff to make suggestions and assist with implementation of recommendations. I highly recommend West to handle any audit or other fiscal needs for companies and individuals.

Lesley Lanzi - Executive Director of the Foundation of FMCC

Mountain Valley Hospice

Mountain Valley Hospice has worked with WEST and Company for over 20 years for bookkeeping/QuickBooks assistance and independent audit services. We have always found their staff to be knowledgeable and professional. They are always available for consultation and return calls in a timely manner. Their assistance in setting up and using QuickBooks and their expertise with nonprofits are extremely valuable to us.

Lynn Knowlton - Chief Financial Officer

School House Companies

The Olbrych Family and its School House Companies have been using WEST & Company CPAs PC for its financial reporting, tax filings and consulting since 1990. For over 25 years, they have been responsive to our needs and always perform services in the most professional manner. We strongly recommend their services to other closely held businesses.

Fred Olbrych - Owner

Euphrates Cheese

Euphrates, Inc. hired West & Company, CPA's well over 10 years ago. We have been and continue to be very pleased with their services. They are knowledgeable, honest, and readily available. They have always been extremely professional and have given us expert guidance. We are very impressed with their teamwork and the manner in which they handle our account. They demonstrate sincerity in their words & actions, and because of this, we have come to trust them without limitations. We greatly value and appreciate our relationship with West & Company, CPA's. They are an important ingredient in our business team and we consider them a part of the Euphrates family.

Hamdi Ulukaya - Sole Director

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