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In addition to the preparation of tax returns, we emphasize tax planning to minimize current and future tax burdens. Today's tax regulations are so complicated that unless your financial matters are very basic, you will most likely save tax dollars using the assistance of an experienced tax professional. The use of tax software is no substitute for the expertise provided by our team of tax professionals.

Whatever your needs, we will help you meet the tax compliance regulations affecting you and your business. We are well qualified to assist in comprehensive tax planning opportunities that arise throughout the year, such as choice of business entity, sales and acquisitions, retirement plans and various business deductions and credits.

In order to properly manage your business, accurate and timely financial information is vital.
As your business advisor, we strive to ensure that enough information is effectively routed to your accounting department or management to enable the business to maximize its use of revenue generated. To this end, we are prepared to assist with or perform the following:

  • locate, organize and compile all necessary financial information
  • review and refine accounting systems currently in place
  • recommend system designs and internal controls
  • develop quarterly/monthly financial reports

The daily operating decisions made by a business affect its bottom line, profitability, and financial stability. Failure of the business to plan these decisions based on their long and short-term goals can cripple an organization. Utilization of business plans ensures that future purchasing, hiring and expansion decisions will be properly evaluated, analyzed and discussed.

WEST & COMPANY CPAs PC is available to assist a business with obtaining financing, budgeting and cost controls, cash management,credit and collections, lease purchase decisions, employee benefit plans, as well as equipment and real estate purchases.

If you own a family business, retirement isn't simply a matter of deciding not to go into the office anymore. In our capacity as your business advisor, our goal is to provide you with the resources and knowledge necessary to make decisions related to:

  • Business valuations

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Retirement planning
  • Planning for ownership transfers and business succession
  • estate planning
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